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How to Wear a Vasiliki Design Silk Scarf

Summer might be our favourite season. The closet of Vasiliki Design brims with nothing but T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and plenty of silk scarves. Our hangers are adorned with scarves of various sizes, creating a festive array of colours. From morning to evening, our main accessory, the silk scarf, is surrounded by playful prints and bold sartorial colour palettes.

Vasiliki Design Silk scarves

Isn't it pretty great? Summer with its easy vibes is an ideal time to fully embrace hot-weather style. Whether it's the 90x90 cm silk scarf or the 55x55 cm cotton silk bandanas, summer provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with different ways of wearing a silk scarf. Vasiliki Design has mastered the art of silk scarf styling, offering plenty of inspiration to channel that same spirit. Let us share some tips on how to flawlessly nail the perfect summer style with scarves.

Strapless Chic: The Ultimate Vasiliki Design Silk Scarf Summer Look

To truly capture those carefree summer vibes, consider trying a unique approach of how to wear a silk scarf from Vasiliki Design as a top, just like the stunning "Cosmopolitan | 90" silk scarf. This can be effortlessly transformed into a chic strapless top that is both stylish and comfortable. It's a flattering choice that you can wear on its own or layer over a t-shirt for an easy, yet fashionable city look.

Vasiliki Design scarf worn as a top

Chic Knots: How To Wear a Silk Scarf As a Halter Neck Top

Vasiliki Design silk scarf worn as a top

Effortless looks are at the heart of Vasiliki Design summer choices, and for good reason - with outdoor activities dominating our days, and by the need of relaxing and being free, embracing an effortless look becomes essential. So why not elevate your summer style with ease? Our exquisite "Blue Curacao|90" silk scarf can be effortlessly transformed into a chic halter neck top, offering both relaxation and a touch of edginess through its vibrant color combinations and easy-to-wear style. Once you experience the comfort and versatility of this look, you'll never want to take it off. Pair it with your favorite white jeans for a trendy and carefree ensemble.

Sleek Shoulder: Silk Scarf Turned One-Shoulder Stunner

Summer fashionistas love simplicity without sacrificing uniqueness. That's why paying attention to the details matters. Take the "Bacchus | 90" silk scarf, for instance - a stunning choice on how to wear a scarf as a one-shoulder top. The elegant drape and captivating design make it the perfect answer to stand out while keeping things cool and comfortable. Embrace the confidence that comes with this chic look and make heads turn wherever you go.

Vasiliki Design Scarf worn as a top

Enjoy Your Summer Holidays with Vasiliki Design

In the world of summer fashion, Vasiliki Design strike the perfect balance between effortlessness and individuality, allowing all the Vasiliki Design Silk Scarf Lovers to shine with their distinct charm."


Vasiliki Tzoumerkioti

Founder of Vasiliki Design


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